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Welcome to our web site!

This in the online home of the NORTH OF ENGLAND MOTOCROSS CLUB.  We hope you find this site informative and helpfull. If you do have any enquiries into anything regarding the club or it's functions do not hesitate to contact us on the address at the foot of the page.

Latest news:
NIGHT MEETS A HIT: After the success of the recent 'Night Meetings' at Gale Common Whitley, we would like to just say thankyou to all the riders and spectators that came and gave their support over the two nights. I think all would agree that there was some awesome racing on display and hopefully with continued support it is something that will be readily repeated.
NEW SITE UP AND RUNNING: We are now happy to announce that the  NORTH OF ENGLAND MOTOCROSS CLUB are now sucessfully online. there is still a bit of work to do on fine tuning the site, so we ask for some patience but all in all welcome and happy browsing.

Next Event hosted by N.O.E Motocross Club...
Twinshock Grand National

Gale Common, Whitley.

7th September 2008

More info: (Mr Alan Hardy) 0707070707070707

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